Thursday, May 28, 2009

Never Leave Your Child Unattended

So, my germaphobe side did actually come out tonight.

I was working while Curtis was cooking dinner. Charlie was playing independently on the floor, when all of a sudden, I looked over and he was gone. This kid is crawling EVERYWHERE. I thought, "no biggie, he is probably going after the Play Station." I walk over to grab him, and both of his hands are completely COVERED in cat puke. Charlie's hands MEET Sylvia's stomach contents. It was foul...and I threw up in my mouth a little. Immediately, we swept him up and into the tub he went.

He is resting happily in his crib now, but I can't get the smell, or the thought out of my head. Did he eat it?? Did he stick his nose down into it?? Ew Ew Ew. And how in the world can that boy even look at that stuff without immediately gagging? HA! Oh the curiosity of an 8 month old that doesn't know any better.

Lesson learned #823,789: Do not leave your child unattended. You never know what you will be surprised with :o)


Christina said...

that just happened to me. Baby J just deflowered one of the flower pots and ate a ton of dirt. When things are quiet, something is probably wrong!

Mandy said...

Oh gosh. Never had this particular thing happen, but we've definitely had dog-food incidents when our backs were turned!! lol

Heather said...

ewww... i wouldn't handle that one well either.

Amanda said...

Ditto Christina! Quiet is BAD!

Yo Mama said...


Yes, in a house with boys, quiet = disaster in the making.