Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Going Private

I have always loved keeping this blog open for everyone to read. It most always brightens my day when I get a kind comment from a stranger, or a tidbit of advice from a friend of a friend.

Over the last couple of months, some things have made me realize that this place is sacred to me. Now that I have a child, and I am sharing photos of him, and milestones, and feelings about motherhood, I felt it was time to make this place private. You will have to login and be approved to read the posts here. The difference is that I get to choose who reads here, instead of letting the world see it! I am hoping this will also allow me an opportunity to be a bit more candid. I have felt very limited and vulnerable in my writings here, and this will allow for me to be much more open and forthright with my journal here.

I hope you will all continue to read, and I hope you understand.