Friday, June 19, 2009

We Made It!

We are here....the nation's capital is pretty amazing, and my excitement definitely returned once we landed on the tarmac at Reagan Airport.

This morning, like clockwork, I woke up at 6:30am, and for the first time in 8 months, there was not a baby stirring in his crib. I almost instinctively turned to the nightstand to switch on the monitor, and then I remembered, that I am baby free for 5 days!! While I miss him terribly and I wonder what he is doing at every moment since we left the house, we are having a great time so far. This trip would not have been conducive with him, I am sure of it. It was wise of us to leave him home with Grandma and Grandpa. I turned over, and fell back to sleep for another 2 hours. Pure bliss!!

We have a lot of fun things planned. The weather is actually pretty decent right now, so we plan to hit up the monuments and the Holocaust Museum today. Last night, we took a cab over to China Town and had an amazing tapas meal with red sangria and lots and lots of succulent bites. It was awesome, and almost as good as San Chez :)

Vacation is awesome, and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves so far.

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane...

We are headed out of town for the next 5 days. You would think I would be really excited to go. But, really? I go in and out of feeling ready to get out of here. There is just so much going on right now at home, that it seems odd to just jump on a plane and head out. We are leaving Charlie too, and I am really starting to get upset about it. I never in a million years, would have thought I would be feeling this way. I knew I would miss him, but I didn't think I would feel so anxious about actually doing so. I didn't sleep a wink last night. And while putting him to be tonight, I cried like I was leaving him forever. :( If anyone has advice on that front, I would surely appreciate it.

I know we need this time away. We need time to work on us. We need time away from our jobs. We need time away from home. We need time away. I know this. Before Charlie, I looked forward to our vacations so much. When we were getting ready to go to Europe, I spent 2 weeks packing my lousy bag. I was so fired up for that day to get here. With this trip, I just feel blah. Almost as if I don't even want to go. (shhh, don't tell my husband.) It's such irrational thinking, isn't it??

I am hoping that leaving on that jet plane, will magically snap me out of this funk I am in. We have planned and planned and planned for this. Just a few weeks ago, I was SO excited. Where did that excitement go?? I know that it's lost in recent events, and the fact that I am leaving my baby. I know we will have a great time, but tonight, I am having one of those moments. I am sure that once I am sitting in the airport, having a pre-board cocktail, that all of my feelings will diminish.

Maybe I just need to cry it out. Or maybe it's the jet plane that will be the fix I am looking for :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Boom Boom Pow

This is going to be a post full of randomness, because that is exactly how the last week has been.

I am currently listening to Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. I kind of love this song. It makes me want to dance. Yep. I tried the moonwalk in the kitchen this morning, whilst wearing my Birkenstocks, and I imagine I looked like a real nerdface.

I have to laugh today, because this week has been a rough one. I am realizing the importance of family and most importantly about the power of my Heavenly Father. I truly have not prayed as hard as I have this week...since...well. EVER. I pray every day, but lately, I have been taking breaks throughout the day to talk to my God. My sister and my niece and nephew need Him so much right now. I pray that He will lift them up.

Yep, I just went from Boom Boom Pow to my crappy week. See, I am random this week. I told you.

We leave in one week for Washington D.C. Curtis has never been there, and as most of you know, he has a real passion for the history of this country and beyond. We have so much planned and I can't wait. We are going to go see King Lear at the Shakespeare Theater (Charlie's Father's Day gift to Daddy), and I have made all sorts of fancy eating-out reservations. We are going to pack in as much as we can in 5 days. I am really looking forward to this trip.

We are also leaving Charlie for the first time. Leaving him with G&G N. seemed like a great idea when I booked the trip a few months back. Now that we are getting closer to the trip, my anxiety level is rising a bit. I am nervous to leave him, and it's purely selfish, because I am more worried about me, than I am about him. I know he will be in great hands, but can I really be away from him for so long?? I guess I am going to find out!! I am certain we will enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

It's a gorgeous day today. We went to the bookstore, and then to drop off a package to Aunt B.C. Later on, we might go to the pool with Grandma Nancy, Lily, Jack and Aunt Mary. It's just beautiful outside. We can't waste these gorgeous days!! Especially the ones that I have off :)

Please cherish your family members today. Tell your siblings, parents, kids and friends that you love and appreciate them. This week my family has had to come together in support of my sister, and it's been refreshing to know how much we all love each other, even though we don't say it every day.

And now it's picture time!! Random!!!

Liz and Lana's Dirty Thirty:
Last Friday, we took a limo out to the lakeshore and partied it up THIRTY STYLE!!

The hotness is out of control in this picture!!

Wednesday night, we saw our first concert of the season. We don't have many planned this year, and the ones we do have planned are close to home. Thank heavens for FMG!!

Derek Trucks Band:

And a few of Charlie splish-splashin' in his baby pool!

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

40 sticks of butter-GONE

Did you know that 4 sticks of butter is equal to 1 pound of fat? I blogged about Weight Watchers' visual aids almost 2 years ago, and here I am still fighting the good battle against my fat cells.

I have lost 10 lbs. TEN POUNDS!! I am ecstatic and really feeling great about myself right now. It took me 6 weeks to lose that amount of weight, but one thing I have learned about losing weight, is that slow and steady ALWAYS wins the race. You can't expect to lose the weight as fast as you were able to put it on. It just doesn't work that way, and in order for you to lose it and keep it off, a weekly loss of 1-2 pounds is how it needs to go.

One area that I really need to work on is exercise. I am a lazy fatty on most days, and after tucking Charlie in, the last thing I want to do is go and work out. I have never been a morning person, so working out in the morning has never seemed like a viable option. I have come to the realization though, that if I am going to dedicate myself to this plan once and for all, I need to make more than just food sacrifices. This might mean that I need to set the alarm a bit earlier and really make an effort to work out. So, for the next 10 pounds, my goal is to work out at least 3 times a week until that 10 lbs is shed.

Speaking of goals, I wanted to address them real quick. I have found that with Weight Watchers, it is so important to set mini-goals for yourself. Whether it be an exercise goal, a goal in regards to your eating habits, or a weight loss goal. Each mini-goal being accomplished seems to continue the momentum for me. They really push me to the next level. Reward yourself when you accomplish them, too. A pedicure, a night out for a splurge meal, or those sandals that you have been eyeing for months. Treat yourself in this process!! It will keep you going.
If you are having a tough time with weight loss motivation, I am a huge believer in setting mini-goals for yourself before you start setting the big ones. Each mini-goal will eventually lead you to the big one!

And always remember....slow and steady wins the race!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mary Jean Graduates

I cannot believe it, but Mary is done with highschool! This officially marks the end of children in my Dad and Nancy's house. No more kids!! Come September, all 6 kids will have moved on. Tonight we had Mary's graduation party, and I just got home. She decided that she wanted lots and lots of desserts instead of the typical Saturday BBQ. I got to my parent's house and I was so sad that I had forgotten my camera. My brothers moved all of the furniture out of the living room (it was supposed to rain) and there were tables set up instead. There were tons and tons of desserts. Cupcakes, a chocolate fountain, Grammy's famous cookies, a gorgeous cake, caramel corn, saltwater taffy, more cookies and more yummyness. It was in every corner of the house.

I was looking at Mary's picture display tonight, and I started to get teary. There was a picture of her and I that must have been 15 years old. It reminded me how short life really is. I can hardly believe that she is 18 and about to go to college. Where did the time go?? My Grammy was standing with me, and she told me that I was too young to feel that way. She is probably right, because I can't imagine what it must be like to be in your late 80's and to have watched time just fly right by you. Life is so short.

I wrote a post about Mary on her 16th birthday. I just re-read it, and I crieda. She is a grown woman now, and she has so much ahead of her. I am proud to call her my sister, and I am forever grateful that I have been able to watch her grow to be the woman she is today.

Congratulations, Mar-Bear!! God has amazing things in store for you and I can't wait to watch it all go down :o)