Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Our sweet little boy turned 9 months old today. I can hardly believe that we are 3/4 of way through his first year. It really does FLY by. No one can prepare you for just how quickly life seems to zoom by when you have children, but I really do believe time has gone by much quicker than 'normal' now that he is here.

Charlie is the greatest joy in our lives. He is now pulling up on everything, cruising, standing for a few seconds without any assistance and crawling everywhere. He is eating mostly table foods now, and has shown very little interest in his pureed food. He is all about self-feeding now. Mr. Independent. I wonder where he gets that trait :) He mimics us when we talk, and last night we had an entire conversation together. He squeals, I squeal back, and he continues the pattern. He doesn't like to cuddle as much anymore, but right before bed, he will lay his sweet head on my shoulder, and close his eyes. I spend those moments with my eyes also closed, just trying to allow his love to seep into me. I really can feel it. And it's the most amazing feeling ever.

This boy is thriving and we are so fortunate to have him as a part of our family. He is a true blessing, and I need you to know that I really don't know how we ever lived without him. That sounds so cliche, and generic, but it really is the truth. He is engrained in our lives forever, and with each new and passing day, as we continue to get to know him, we also continue to love him more and more.

Happy 9 Months to our sweet, sweet boy. We love you, Mr. Man!! ♥