Saturday, August 29, 2009

Go! Go Speedracer!

I got a new car last week. I traded in my 2005 Subaru Outback, for a 2010 Subaru Forester. The Forester is a bit roomier, a bit sleeker, and it's NEW! I haven't had a brand spankin' new car for awhile, and so this is a real blessing! I love this car. It's a blast to drive, I can get Charlie in and out of it much easier than the Outback, and it's BLACK. With Black interior. It's hot, as far as station wagons are concerned :)

Today, we piled into the Forester, and we drove out to Cannonsburg Rd. to see my Colorado buddy, Lindsay. She is in town for her baby shower (due 11/8/08!!), and we had a date for her to meet Mr. Charlie. We left her parents house after an AWESOME visit; Curtis in the passenger seat, and Charlie chillin' in his car seat. We were 200 yards off of her parents road, and BOOM, I see him. And then I see the 40mph speed limit sign. I saw him put down his radar gun, his brake lights went off, and I knew I was BUSTED. I glanced at my speedometer and I saw it decrease to 50mph. I had hit my breaks instinctively, and it was at 50 (!!!!!) when I it was decelerating! CRAP!

So, yeah, I have a lead foot. I have said it before. It's a bad trait to have, but I have it. Curtis didn't say a word as Deputy H. wrote me a ticket. I was actually going 60 mph in a 40mph zone. He caught me doing that 372.4 feet before I actually passed his car. That is 20 mph over the speed limit. 300 feet away. Damn me!! :) He spared me serious consequences and wrote me a ticket for 45 in a 40. 5 mph over the speed limit. xoxo, Deputy H.

I am most ashamed because Charlie was in the car. I need to slow down. No matter how awesome my car is, and how easy it is to take off speeding, I I told Charlie today that I was a bad example to him. Parents make mistakes too, right? :)

In other news, we have another kind of speedracer on our hands.

Monday, August 17, 2009

He Walks!

Charlie is growing up so fast! The cliche is that your children really do grow up way too fast. I never believed it until I actually had my own. He is 10 months old already. He is walking (!!!!!!), babbling up a storm, and turning into a little-big boy with a huge personality. His tufts of hair are now turning into full blown curls. He can scale the stairs in 15 seconds FLAT, and he loves to terrorize the cat.

I stay home with Charlie on Fridays, and I saw those first steps while we were hanging out in the living room. I couldn't believe my eyes. I felt like the entire Earth stopped for a few seconds, and the joy that I felt watching him motor around was just too much. I called Curtis at work, and gushed to him about our sons new found skill. 10 steps on Friday turned into 50 steps on Sunday, and we have bets that he will be a professional walker by weeks end.

Watch him go!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear Blog and Readers,

I promise you that I have not abandoned you, nor have I walked out on you, my trusty readers. Life has been busy. It's the summer time, and we are doing our best at enjoying it while we have it!! Pretty soon, it will be football season, and we will be drinking hot apple cider and getting ready to hole up for the Winter.

We have an active 10 month old running around our house. He likes to climb stairs, and dump the cat's water dish in his spare time. He also likes to tug at our heartstrings with his daily expressions of love (read: screaming in his highchair until I give him more blueberries. :o)

I am recommitting to updating here. My fingers are inspired and I have a lot to say (der, as usual!). I hope you will stay tuned in!