Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear Blog and Readers,

I promise you that I have not abandoned you, nor have I walked out on you, my trusty readers. Life has been busy. It's the summer time, and we are doing our best at enjoying it while we have it!! Pretty soon, it will be football season, and we will be drinking hot apple cider and getting ready to hole up for the Winter.

We have an active 10 month old running around our house. He likes to climb stairs, and dump the cat's water dish in his spare time. He also likes to tug at our heartstrings with his daily expressions of love (read: screaming in his highchair until I give him more blueberries. :o)

I am recommitting to updating here. My fingers are inspired and I have a lot to say (der, as usual!). I hope you will stay tuned in!




Melissa said...

I've got the same 9 month old, so I know how busy you are!

The Bozo's: said...

YAY! Can't wait :-)

Amanda said...

Finally an update, and no pictures???

Yo Mama said...

Yeah, my blog updates have been pathetic, lol. It's okay as long as you keep putting stuff on FB :P