Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tipping Point

230 pounds. That is what the scale said on Sunday morning, when I apprehensively stepped on it. I would like to say that I couldn't believe my eyes, but I knew that it was going to be bad. 230. 230. 230!! This is the heaviest weight I have ever been. It is 15 lbs heavier than I was on the day that I delivered Charlie. I am fed up. I am sick and tired. I am at my tipping point. Literally and figuratively.

I have never told anyone my weight. I actually loathed the idea of doing it here for all of you to see, but it's necessary. Being 6' tall, has it's benefits. One of which is that my weight is hidden nicely amongst my tall frame. But, I am still obese by all medical standards, and I have had it with being fat. I hate my body. I hate the way that I look in my clothes, and it's time for me to reclaim my confidence in my self image. Right now, it's not there.

I committed to a 90 day fitness challenge that my friend Ang is doing on Facebook. November 1 was the starting point and I finally feel that I have the tools and the motivation to lose this weight. One of those tools is going to be this blog. I have abandoned this place for some time. Being a working mother has taken a lot out of me, and one thing that has suffered is my writing space here. That is all about to change. I am on a journey to a healthy lifestyle, and I need you all to join me for the ride. Losing weight has always been a challenge for me, but with the support of everyone that reads here, I know I can do it. I know I have said all of these things before, but I am on this road, and I am not turning back.

So, here we go. I am 230 lbs today. I am going to lay out my first few goals right here:

1) Recommit to Weight Watchers. I already did this, and since Sunday, I have been meticulously counting my points and watching what goes into my mouth.

2) 3 days of exercise per week, MINIMUM. Part of my problem in the past, is that I don't get moving enough. I need to exercise to lose weight. I just bought myself a spankin' new fitness swimsuit, and I plan to hit the pool up this weekend. Many of you know of my love to swim, and I am hoping I can re-tap that love and use it to my weight loss benefit.

3) My 10% Weight Watchers goal is 207 lbs. That is 23 pounds that I need to lose. My goal is to lose that weight, by the time that this 90 day fitness challenge is done.

Monday is weigh in day. In the past, weigh in day was always on Wednesday or Thursday, so that I could have a few days to get past the weekend. The weekends are always a struggle for me. This time, weigh in day is Monday. That way I have no excuse to slack off on the weekends.

So, there you have it. Will you be my cheerleader?? I need all of the support that I can get. And if you have your own weight loss journey, I can be yours too.

I am at my tipping point today. This is the heaviest I will ever be. I am committed and ready to lose this weight!


Jen O said...

Go Emily!!!

You can do it.

Karrie said...

Good luck Emily!

Kerri said...

I'll be your cheerleader! You can TOTALLY do this! I need to get off my booty too. Ironically I was just going to ask if you'd be interested in taking a class with me. Yoga, pilates, zumba...something? That would get you one day of activity in guaranteed. :) I need a buddy to go with. Let me know.

kristen said...

I'll be one of your cheerleaders! Go Em, Go Em, Go go go Em! Wooo!

Seriously though, I'm proud of you. It takes some major guts to say (or type) all of this out loud. You have a lot of great friends and family to support you. You can DO this!!

The Bozo's: said...

You can do it!! And you've got everyone here to keep you on track! I'm going to join your journey after I have the baby! Good luck :-) You've done WW before and you know it works! Just keep your eyes on the prize!

Rach said...

You can do this!

Christina said...

You can do it! I'll join you in the minimum 3x a week workout :-)

Jeff and Erica said...

I'll be your cheerleader! I finally popped for a personal trainer. Yes, it's very costly. But the fact that I make an appt with this trainer 3 times a week for an hour. It makes it much more difficult to cancel that appt.

Good luck to you! You can and WILL do this1

Amanda said...

Good Luck Emily! I know you can do it!

Alexis said...

We can do it together. We are very close in height and weight, so we know how it feels to be tall and feel like we have a weight issue.

Once Ean is well (I'm sure he'll be completely better by this weekend), I'm going to jumpstart my workouts. I'm going to start with the Shred, and power walks, and work up to harder stuff (like P90X or Power 90) and daily runs.

I'll harass you everyday about what you eat and what you did if you'll do it for me! Like the bavarian creme long john I had this mornin...where were you on that?! :P