Monday, November 16, 2009

Weigh In Day

This week was another great week for me. I said goodbye to 1.9 lbs. this week, I got 4 workouts in, and I stayed within my points range for the entire week! I feel AMAZING.

Last week, I started getting up at 5:30am to exercise. Yes, I am tired. Yes, I want to keep sleeping. Yes, it takes a LOT of energy to get out of bed in the morning. What I didn't expect, was to feel so great during the day! I have more energy, I am more conscious about my food choices and the best part is that I don't have to worry about working out after Charlie is asleep for the night. In keeping with this new trend, I woke up this morning and pushed out 50 minutes on the treadmill before I left for work. I can already tell this is going to become a habit, and it's a habit I have been trying to get going for the last 6 months!

Overall, I am feeling really great. It's the end of week 2 and the start of week 3. I am down 6.8 lbs. My clothes are starting to feel loose, my energy level is up and I am determined to keep this streak going!!


Kerri said...

Way to go!

I wish I could get in the habit of morning exercise.

Mandy said...

Em - I admire you SO MUCH!! You are doing a great job!

Rach said...

Good for you! You're on a roll, keep it going!

Stephanie said...

You are doing FANTASTIC!! Keep up the good work!

You could also try doing the work out in the evenings after you get your little guy to bed. That's what I tend to do (unless I get up and make myself go running).

And remember to treat yourself next week! :)

The Bozo's: said...

Good job!! Getting the routine established is the hardest thing! But if having a kid has taught us anything, its that everyone functions best with routine!! So here's to another GREAT week!!!