Friday, December 4, 2009

Flying South

I was driving home from work yesterday. The snow was falling and the sky was gray. It was that first point of bitter cold, winter-feeling weather. I didn't have my coat on (denial???), but I warmed up quickly in the car. About 15 minutes into my 25 minute drive, I noticed 4 large flocks of geese. Each one of them had fallen in line with the "V" formation. 4 flocks. 2 of them flying South, 2 of them flying North. I thought to myself, "Fly SOUTH, not NORTH!" to the flocks that were clearly headed in the wrong direction.

I have often wondered about the geese and their internal 'clocks.' Some of them are clearly smarter than others. :o)


It's cold here. The snow has covered the green grass, and the birds are no longer chirping. It's almost as if the hibernation of Winter has overtaken us on Day 1! We awoke to a Winter wonderland and I am embracing it. Charlie had an adorable reaction to this 'foreign white stuff.' We went outside today and had a great time! He was very cautious with each step and he kept looking up at the flakes falling from the sky. At one point we even touched and tasted the snow. He was absolutely transfixed by this amazing Winter weather. I often complain about this time of year, but something in me really appreciated it today. My son discovered snow for the very first time and it was almost as if I did too. There is no need for me to fly South right now. I have everything that I need and want right here.

Charlie's Meets The Snow: