Monday, December 7, 2009

WID: Week 5

I lost 9/10ths of a pound today. Not much, but little by little I am getting there. I felt bad about it at first. Upset, actually. And then I remembered Fat Talk and my introduction to it earlier this week....

One of my internet friends shared this link with me and I just think it's so awesome. Read all of it. Especially if you are one of my female friends. I often struggle with GUILT when it comes to losing weight. I did this week for sure. I felt guilty because I hadn't worked out as many times as I wanted to. I felt guilty because I splurged on pizza. THIS IS FAT TALK. I often dislike the way that I look. "Should I wear this? Or not? Does it make me look fat?" THIS IS FAT TALK. When I am with my thinner friends, I tend to instantly compare myself to them. I hear all of us doing it. We are all a part of the Fat Talk in our society and it has to end. With this post, I am choosing to end it. I will stop speaking in a negative tone about my body or about myself. I will not compare myself to others. I will not feel guilty about my food choices. Instead I will push ahead and keep on feeling positive about this entire experience. I have to remain positive! This is about getting healthy, and part of this journey is ending the fat talk.

End Fat Talk Week has already come and gone, but that doesn't mean I can't have my own End Fat Talk Week. It starts now. Read the article in the link above, and then watch the video, either here or in the link. This is life changing!!


Miss La Dee Da said...

Don't get discouraged! You are doing so well. Little by little. Some weeks will be big and some not so much but it is the big scheme of things that counts and looking at your ticker you are on your way!! You can do this. You did it before.
I loved that like about the "fat talk." It is so true. Eating is about so much more than food or being fat. It is so important to remember that.
Love you and keep up the GREAT work!!

Anonymous said...

Em-The video was great and I agree you're doing awesome keep up the great work! I love you and think you're beautiful for who you are! XXOOX