Wednesday, March 3, 2010

31 and Feelin' Young....ish

It's my birthday today. I am 31 years old.

It's been a typical Wednesday so far. I got up without the alarm (haaaa!), took a shower and got ready for work. I cuddled my baby, ate some breakfast and kissed the boys goodbye. I am now sitting at work, hardly working and reflecting on the past 31 years.

For whatever reason, this birthday is an emotional one for me. As a child, I remember thinking that if you were 30+ you were OLD. Flying through my 20's, I never really felt these emotions. Maybe it's the lack of coolness that this birthday brings, or maybe it's the realization that 10 years has passed since my legendary 21st birthday. Maybe it's just because I don't feel OLD, but since my 12 year old self considered 30 to be well-aged, then I must be, right? Either way, I feel just a smidgen older, a little bit wiser and a whole lot more satisfied with life.

The past 10 years have been a huge learning experience for me. I graduated from college, got my first job at a CPA firm, bought a house, married my love, and had my first baby. I like to think that with age, comes some level of maturity and understanding of the way this world works. Still, I feel lost sometimes. I don't have all the answers, and I really don't feel OLD. Why do I keep thinking that I am?? I still laugh at silly jokes, and giggle when I hear a loud belch. I like to pull pranks on my co-workers and sing freakishly loud in my car while I am driving. These are surely not actions of a regular 31 year old, right?? :)

Today, I am going to celebrate being 31 years young. I feel great, I have minimal wrinkles, I don't wear glasses (yet) and my knees are still intact. I haven't even broken a major bone in 31 years! These are things to celebrate! hahaa!! The sun is shining and I have only a few hours left at work before I head out to spend the day with my favorite little boy. LIFE IS GOOD.


Alexis said...

Happy Birthday you ole fart! :D Hope your 32nd year brings blessings and joy in abundance. And you're two years older than me until the end of October. :P

kristen said...

Aww, I love this :) Cheers to you, friend!

Rach said...

Hope you enjoyed your special day!

Amanda said...

Hope you had a fab day! We need to get together again soon!