Friday, March 12, 2010

The Half Way

I have broken through this plateau like a runner through the finish tape. 1 week of doing everything right did the trick. I was actually excited to get on the scale this morning to see the number. There was no hesitation or fist clenching. I just wanted to see the reward for my accomplishments this week. I got that reward in the form of 1.7 pounds. I have lost 25.5 total lbs! I am halfway to my goal weight with this weigh in and I feel great! I am currently averaging 1.3 lbs per week since November 1. Steady and healthy!

So what exactly did I do to break through this plateau?

Well, first, we overhauled our diet as I explained in my last post. I stopped eating the same things over and over again and really spiced up our meal plan this week. I stocked the fridge with hard boiled eggs, Power Chicken, chicken salad, grilled chicken breasts, soup and fresh fruits and veggies. When I wanted a snack, I ate some veggies with some Bolthouse Yogurt Ranch (YUM!) and a handful of almonds. I ate string cheese and brown bread, instead of a pudding cup and a 1oo calorie pack. We just completely overhauled the way we eat over the last 7 days and it has showed!

Secondly, I finished week 5 of Couch 2 5k, which required me to run a straight 20 minutes without stopping. Those of you that know me, know I am not a runner. I have wonky legs and no form when I run. I often get shin splints because I simply don't know what I am doing out there!! Well, no more, people. I am slowly (read: turtles pace) converting to being a decent jogger. I won't even say runner yet, because that is a total stretch at this point. I am just extremely giddy that I completed a 20 minute run! WOO HOO!

And last but certainly not least, I tracked EVERYTHING and I didn't use my WW application either. I found out last week that Sparkpeople has an app for the iPhone and I took advantage of it. I have been able to balance out my calories, fat, protein, fiber and sugars to see exactly how much I am getting of each. I quickly realized where I needed to make adjustments. I drank all of my water, and even tracked it all. I really think that this is a key component to this process for me. I have to track it ALL!

I am amazed at how 1 week has completely shifted my thinking about this process. I am eager to continue working on eating a balanced diet, exercising and doing all of those things that I know will get me the results I am after!

Only 4.5 pounds to go before I am under 200 lbs. I can do this!


Steph said...

Go Em! Be careful though that ranch is addicting. lol I think I redo my dinner plans now, just so I can have some.

kristen said...


The Bozo's: said...

YAY!!! Congratulations! That must be so exciting for you! I'm so happy you were able to push through your plateau :-) Keep up the good (hard) work!!! Are you going to post before and after pics??? I think I'm going to try to be brave and do it on my blog! LOL! I think I'm going to start my weight loss journey next week...

Amanda said...

*thumbs up*