Monday, April 19, 2010


I did it! I weighed in on Friday to see a 2.5 lb loss!! I am currently 198.3 lbs and I could not be happier!

When I started this journey back in November I started taking my measurements. I never did manage to take an actual photo which isn't that surprising. I used to dodge the camera with all of my might when I was 230 lbs. I just couldn't stomach seeing the photos and I sure wasn't going to purposefully take a "before" shot. Hindsight is always 20/20 as I would love to have one now, but oh well. I did find a picture that was taken on Thanksgiving and I can see the differences BIG TIME!

Here is the before shot taken on Thanksgiving:
And here is the picture I took on Thursday night before my workout:

Can you see the differences?? I can, mostly in the face, tummy and arms. I carry quite a bit of my weight in the upper half of my body and it's obvious (to me at least!) that I have lost almost 32 lbs. I also took my measurements, and I have lost 14 inches overall, mostly in my hips, stomach and thighs. WOW.

I also graduated from C25K last week, and started to take my runs outside. Ironically, our treadmill died on Thursday night. I guess it had had enough of our constant use, so outside I went. Running outside is proving to be a huge challenge, and I am being way too hard on myself about it. We took a family run on Saturday morning, and I finished very frustrated with myself. Curtis, being the motivator that he is told me to cut that negativity out and focus on getting stronger outside. I have to remember that I am dealing with a resistance that the treadmill didn't have and that is going to take some time to adjust to. I have a run planned for this afternoon; by myself and outside. I am thinking that being alone might help me to focus a bit more on running consistently. We will see how it goes! It can only get better from here, right?

So, there it is. I am on my way to my goal weight of 180 lbs. I feel great about my accomplishments so far, and I am excited that it's just the beginning of Spring around here. I have many months to work on my running outdoors, and I am looking forward to it!


Karrie said...

Emily you look great! Congratulations on your accomplishment so far.

Amanda said...

You look GREAT, super job Em!!!!!!!!!

Mandy said...

You are doing an AMAZING job...and totally inspiring me!! Keep up the great work. You look so happy!!

Rach said...

Wow, congrats! You look AWESOME! Vibrant, really. Way to go.

Kerri said...


Regina White said...

Em you look great. Awesome job girlfriend!