Sunday, February 26, 2012

Food Prep Sunday!

Who's excited??! I am!

I did all of my shopping on Saturday to set myself up for a beautiful Sunday prep.

On the menu this week:

Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes  (startin' off the day right!)

Asian Chicken Slaw w/ Soy Peanut dressing (a lunch treat and easy to prep ahead of time)

Skillet Rotini (because my kids are obsessed.)

Spicy Hot Chicken (boneless chicken breasts, Frank's Red Hot and a packet of Ranch dip.  I thank Corinne for this favorite! We put it on sandwiches, whole wheat tortillas, over potatoes or even rice!)

No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Coconut Oil Protein Bars (we all need a healthy snack, right?)

Strawberries, cucumbers, cantaloupe, pineapple, celery, steamed carrots, sweet potato, blueberries and mangoes.  Spicy Hot Chicken, 1 chicken breast for salads, pancakes and granola bars wrapped in foil for for the freezer, Almond Nut Thins in baggies, 8x Asian Slaw and 8x Skillet Rotini    

I usually try to shop based on what's on sale in the produce department. This ensures we are eating well on the cheap! The fruits and veggies I found on sale this week included organic celery hearts, sweet potatoes, pineapple, Cherubs cherry tomatoes, avocados, baby carrots, Rainbow salad (Asian Slaw comes in here!) pears, strawberries, cantaloupe, cucumbers and blueberries. (Peppers are HOT right now! Go get em' even though I didn't include them this week).

Sounds like a lot of food, right? Truth is, we buy most of our food in this department along with meat and eggs from our local farmers.

The only thing I bought that wasn't on sale was the apples (I can't resist those Honeycrisp!) Sale items will vary, but these are the things I know we can fit into our menu for the week.  I also didn't buy everything organic, although that is always my first choice. I have a delivery from Doorganics coming on Tuesday and that usually fills the gaps I'm missing for the week.   Local and/or Organic + Michigan Winter + Budget = Tough.  No lyin'! We just do our best and forget the rest ;) 

Snacks will be Nut Thins, almonds/walnuts, cottage cheese, string cheese, rice cakes + nut butter, homemade granola bars, the occasional Clif Builder or P90X bar, pumpkin seeds, hummus with veggies and my daily Shakeology (aka The Craving Buster!)

When we aren't eating pancakes for breakfast we will sub in eggs and Ezekial english muffins.  I also bought some Boar's Head 42% lower sodium chicken breast for sandwiches.  Lots of easy alternatives!

This picture was taken about halfway through.  Pancakes are ready to be frozen, chicken is roasted and chopped for the Asian Slaw Salad, sweet potato is cooled and chopped, carrots are steamed and Skillet Rotini is ready for the fridge!

Today's prep took about 2.5 hours from start to finish, including my clean up. I did instill the help of my husband to chop the pineapple and the cantaloupe. He's just better at it than I am! ;)

I love the feeling I have when I go to bed on Sunday night ready for a week of working hard and eating well.

Now, off to Disney Live! with my favorite little guy :D

If you have questions or comments about my menus I'd love to hear them!  I'll try and share some recipes throughout the week, but if there is anything you'd like me to post right away I'll be glad to!

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