Monday, March 19, 2012

Food Prep Sunday!

It was another crazy weekend around here but I still managed to get in my weekly Sunday food prep.  I decided to prep a lot of the family favorites this week in an effort to use up what I had in my fridge and my deep freezer.  I stockpile meat over the Summer and Fall and now it's time to use up the leftovers! Our farmer will start offering chicken again in May and I have just enough to get us through right now. 
Grammy's Sweet and Sour Cucumbers, regular cucumbers, red/yellow pepper strips, blueberries, sweet potato, strawberries, 8x Skillet Rotini, Crockpot Hawaiian BBQ Chicken and Power Chicken (not pictured: a pineapple that isn't quite ripe yet)

I also prepped Diet Cupcakes. These were an old favorite during my Weight Watchers days. 
1 box of cake mix + a soda (clear liquid for white cake, dark for chocolate).  Instead of using soda, I decided to clean it up and use a variation that calls for greek yogurt instead! 1 box of Devil's Food cake + 1 container of FAGE greek yogurt + 1 cup of water and you have a delicious snack. They are a hit with the husband and the kids, too!

We also have a plan to use our grill a few times this week since the weather in West Michigan has been absolutely gorgeous.  I have some burger patties and fish + veggies for 2 of our dinners this week.  The record temps are supposed to leave us by the weekend so we are going to enjoy it while we can! 

Did you get your food planned and prepped this week? I feel so much better knowing that I can come home from work, open my fridge and it's all ready to go.

Have a great week everyone!

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