Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grilling Fish On Lemon Slices = Genius!


I was browsing Pinterest this morning and I came across this awesome pin from The Mother Huddle.  I had planned to do salmon on the grill tonight and this idea seemed perfect!! Grilling fish on top of lemon slices! Genius!!

I headed to the store this afternoon to fetch 2 more lemons and came home to prepare our meal.  I used a marinade of lemon juice, dill weed and EVOO and let the salmon stay in the marinade for about an hour.  Then I sprinkled a dash of Old Bay Seasoning on top and let the grill do the rest of the work.  What resulted was a perfectly moist salmon filet and almost no clean up at all!!

I also pictured the asparagus above.  Costco (and subsequently Amazon) carries this Kirkland Organic No-Salt Seasoning and it's perfect with just about anything.  Veggies, meats, name it.  This seasoning is a blend of 21 organic spices and other ingredients including onion, garlic, carrot, red bell pepper, basil, celery, savory, mustard, cumin...oh the list goes on! I'm a big fan of this stuff.   I take a little bit of EVOO, some of the awesome seasoning and place it in a Ziploc with the asparagus.  Shake it around a bit until the asparagus is nice and coated and you are all set to roast or grill!!

I served this with a side of brown rice for an easy, 450 calorie meal full of healthy fats, starches and proteins.  

In Michigan we are having record temperatures (It was almost 90 degrees today!) and the grill has been getting an early Spring workout this week.  I hope all you fellow Midwesterner's are enjoying the unseasonably warm weather as much as we are!

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