Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We are tuckered out over here!! Charlie skipped his nap in lieu of some Easter egg hunt fun with his cousins.  We got home this afternoon and I asked him if he wanted to head into bed with me to lay down and watch some TV.  Without hesitation, he obliged my offer :)  

We meandered upstairs and got comfy under the covers.  It didn't take long before both of us were sleeping. I looked up after a nice nap and realized that this was the first time in a LONG time where my buddy has actually slept next to me.  I picked up my phone and snapped a quick photo.  His breath and his movements were so soft and peaceful.  Those of you that know kids, especially 3.5 year old's know that peace and quiet are hard to come by! It was such a sweet moment for me...and even more special on Easter Sunday. I am SO wonderfully blessed and today was a beautiful reminder of that. 

Plum Tuckered Charlie

This picture made me laugh out loud. Taking family pictures is getting much more difficult as both kids get older.  Out of the large set we took this was the best shot.  Hey, at least 50% of us are paying attention, right?? ;)
  I'll get back to my food prep and plan of action tomorrow!  

Happy Easter!

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