Friday, May 4, 2012

♥Cecilia Anne♥A Story of (re)Birth♥Part One

As I sit down to write this post, it's Friday night and I'm getting ready for Cecilia's birthday party tomorrow. I was trying to think of all of the words that sum up the past year and they are flooding my mind like a wave from the ocean.  Beautiful, happy, perfect, profound, healing, life-changing...these are just a few.

I can still remember sitting in my doctor's office with the probe on my stomach waiting to hear if we were going to be having a girl or a boy.  I had this feeling it was a girl from the start, another intuition I had during my pregnancy with Charlie (as in, I knew he was a boy!)  The ultrasound tech, who had only been wrong 3 times in her career, couldn't give us a definitive answer. She thought she was seeing girl parts, but we couldn't get that perfect girl shot. Cece was modest from the start! Still, I knew.  I knew exactly what was growing in my belly.  My baby girl.  A new best friend. A sister.  A daughter. A beautiful life.  We had another ultrasound and my intuition was proved to be right on. 

On Friday, May 6, I went to work and then had a few doctor's appointments. It was just a regular day. I was 36 weeks and 4 days. My caesarean section was not scheduled for 2.5 more weeks.  There is no way I would have expected what was about to come! Curtis decided he was going to put the new Cozy Coupe together and I was hanging out on the computer doing some work.  I felt a little off and started to have some pain in my lower groin.  I didn't think much of it and instead, instinctively grabbed for my huge glass of water.  I was having some low fluid issues at the end of my pregnancy and was instructed to drink 2 gallons of water per day for the weeks leading up to her delivery.  I had been cleared by my MFM on that same day as they felt my levels were back in a normal range.  Still, drink water was my prescription and they were going to continue to monitor my pregnancy.  I grabbed for my huge pink glass and started to drink.  I went to lay down and the pain kept coming...and going...and coming...and going.  I went into labor naturally with Charlie too so I knew what what going on here! I was in straight denial that this could possibly be happening, but I went downstairs to let Curtis know that things weren't getting better.  We still had almost 3 weeks to go! And a Cozy Coupe that was in 8 million pieces on the living room floor!  At this point it was about 9pm and we thought it would be wise to call my parents and the on-call doctor. I'm so glad we did! By midnight, we were headed to the hospital as my pain started to intensify.  

Tasha and I heading into surgery!
When we got to triage it occurred to me that it was a Friday night.  My beautiful cousin Natasha is a weekend Labor & Delivery nurse at our hospital and the possibility that she could be working briefly crossed my mind. A few minutes later, guess who showed up in my room? Like an angel from the sky...Natasha.  I knew God put me in labor that night for a reason.  It was such a blessing to have her there by my side as I welcomed Cece into this world.  I still tear up as I write this because it was a moment of sheer JOY when I saw her smiling face.  She walked me through the plan and asked if it was okay if she was my nurse that evening. Without hesitation, I absolutely said YES!

Many of you may know about the loss of my Mom when I was 9 years old.  Tasha is the daughter of my Mom's brother, Richard and his wife, Joanne.  Having her there was a profound thing for me. I needed her there as an extension of my Mom.  Thank you so much Tasha, for guiding me through the hours that followed.  It was like having a piece of my Mom right there next to me
♥ I believe you were there for a perfect reason ♥

 Because I was only 36 weeks 4 days, they wanted to monitor me to be sure that I was in real, active labor before performing my caesarean section. After some time on the monitor (and insane discomfort) it was decided that they were going to call the doctor in and prep me for surgery. Relief. The photo above is my face full of relief and excitement. There was so much happiness in my room. We were going to meet our baby girl!

The moments that followed were moments of pure joy.
J O Y and L O V E so intensely breathtaking and powerful.  

Like a ton of bricks.  There she is, the most amazing and beautiful child.  
My heart swells with 
L O V E 
Perfect, powerful, beautiful
T R U E ♥ L O V E 
♥ Cecilia Anne ♥ May 7 ♥ 3:55 a.m. ♥ 6 pounds and 14 ounces of pure joy! ♥
Our whirlwind year begins here!

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