Monday, May 7, 2012


You were so tiny.  So much tinier than your brother. Almost 2 pounds smaller! You may have been petite, but your personality was grand from the start.  You are our quiet volcano.  Reserved, like your Daddy, but you can erupt at any moment. I'd like to say that's also Daddy's trait, but I think it might be mine :) You let us know when you want or need something, that's for sure! Otherwise, you are content as can be.  Curious, happy and so full of life. 

You were born the day before Mother's Day 2011. May has never been an easy month for me. Mother's Day and Mom's birthday always made for an emotional month.  But then you showed up. I spent Mother's Day 2011 in a hospital room gazing into your pretty eyes wondering how that day could be so completely transformed for me.  The day we brought you home from the hospital there was a beautiful double rainbow outside your bedroom window.  What an immense symbol of hope and rebirth.  That was the moment that I realized that this month is filled with the greatest blessings in my life.  Mom's birthday, Mother's Day, the birthday's of Nanna and Nonnee, your cousin Lily and now YOU.

Without you and your brother, I wouldn't know what it's like to have a heart as full as this.  And without my Mother, I wouldn't be here to enjoy it all! May is a time of reflection and remembrance, but also of celebration and rebirth.  New flowers are blooming and it's almost summer. As I sit here listening to the angels having a bowling party in the sky up above I'm reminded of how truly blessed I am.  I'm reminded of your special entrance into this world and I'm reminded that my Mom is here with us too.

L O V E.  It's all around!

 Cecilia Anne, you complete me.  You complete our family and I am so thankful for you.
You have made my heart full and this last year has been absolute perfection!

♥ Happy Birthday, beautiful girl ♥

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