Thursday, July 26, 2012

One CRAZY Summer!

A few of my friends have called me out! Doh! What is going on with my blog? Why haven't I updated it? I know I know! I have the best intentions and then it all goes to pot when life gets busy.  I like writing.  I like this place.  And knowing that someone out there is reading encourages to me to keep going with it.  So, here we are. It's the end of July and it's been one CRAZY summer! I've been joking to my friends and family that after hibernating all summer 2011 with a newborn at home I feel as though I'm making up for some lost time.  Plus, it's been sizzlin' hot and the pool, the lake and everything in between have been so enjoyable! 
So, really, what have we been up to, you ask? 
Concerts (you know our obsession with live music, right?). Fitness. Tigers Games. A week in Grand Haven, on the beach.  Landscape Projects.  Gun Lake.  More concerts. More Fitness. The Pool.     
Family, Friends, Fun.  
To say we are taking advantage of this summer would be an understatement. 

In only a few short weeks, Charlie will start his first year of school.  Cece will be a year and a half and life continues to zip by.  We are lapping up each morsel of this beautiful summer and packing it full of excitement and action.  Has it been busy? Yes. Have I wanted to pull my hair out a few times? Absolutely.  But these times are to be treasured and treasure them we shall!! 

Now, excuse me while I go plan out another exciting weekend.  We only have a few of them left!