Sunday, August 19, 2012

Food Prep Sunday!

It's that time of the week! Time to prepare good healthy food for the week, write down my exercise plan and my to-do list and psych myself up for another busy week!

Prep was pretty easy-going this week. I've made a few of these recipes before which makes it easier to fly around my kitchen!  

Above pictured are blueberries (probably the last week for them here in Michigan), strawberries, cucumbers, raspberries, pineapple, celery, grapes, 6x Skillet Rotini, 6x Power Yogurt, refrigerator pickles, Barbecue Bean and Chicken "Joes" & 6x Asian Chicken Slaw Salads.  Not pictured was the Aunt Tilda's Brown Bread that is getting devoured already! It is so nice to have this all lined up for the week and I get excited thinking about eating it all! 

I just sat down and wrote out my exercise for the week.  Having it on paper like this (and on the fridge!) helps hold me accountable.  I can take a look at my calendar and figure out what days I'm going to do what and when.  At least 2 of these workouts will be done in the morning as I have things going on in the evenings.  

Sitting down and planning your food and exercise is one of the biggest keys to living this healthy lifestyle. This is my roadmap for the week!  

Do you plan out your food and exercise routines once a week? Just a small amount of planning can go a long way! 

Have a great week everyone! Recipe blast to come in the morning!

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Myn @ fresh graNOLA family said...

Looks great! Can you share the recipe for the bean and chicken joes?