Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting Back My Mojo

You can tell summer is coming to a close in our house.  Things have markedly slowed down with less on our to-do list. As we head into the school year (yes, Charlie will be going to school this year!) I'm finding myself more and more focused than I have been in awhile.  I'm more productive at work, at home, with the kids and with my fitness.  

Summer is a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  A welcomed period of relaxation.  Trips to the pool and the beach, out of town events planned with friends and family, concerts, family reunions, getting outdoors as many times as we possibly can and enjoying all of the fruits of our long, laborious Winter.  With that busy relaxation comes a little bit of lazy, too.  I like being lazy, I do.  But, I like having my Mojo.  Let's be honest here.  I crave structure. I need a plan for my meal prep and exercise. I need a list to bang out when I get into the office. I like being productive with my kids, at home and at work. This summer (and especially July) my 5-6 workouts a week dwindled to 3-4 most weeks.  My meal prep has been haphazardly thrown together and while it's gotten us by, it's not as planned out as I'd like. It was time to get my Mojo back!

August 1st I started an accountability group with my Facebook friends.  I also started participating more in my own Phit-n-Phat group on Facebook. There is something about these accountability groups that brings the Mojo! We've all been talking about it and feeding off of each other's energy.  Curtis mentioned last night that he felt like we were moving in a positive direction and I really credit it to those folks that hold me accountable in my daily life. Throughout my fitness journey I've learned that you can't go about it alone. Not with your fitness and not with your life.  Accountability is key.  Not to mention, it's fun to share with like-minded people! The Mojo is back...and it's flowing. I'm back to my a.m. workout routines, meal prep, clean eating, food tracking, list-making, blogging and overall awesomeness that lost me these 50 pounds in the first place.

It's August 16th. 2 more weeks and school will be starting. Summer is winding down.  Do you need to get your Mojo back or are you riding the Mojo train?  

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