Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Color Run * Grand Rapids, Michigan

Back in May, I heard The Color Run would be coming to town.  I've seen the reviews and decided that if it ever came to Michigan that I would make an effort to get there.  Little did I know it would happen right here in Grand Rapids! I immediately signed up. Then I went straight to my family, friends and Facebook and put the word out that I was forming a team.  I wanted to get as many people out to run this thing.  It's not timed, it's very low-key and it's all about the FUN! I thought running in a big group would get folks focused on their fitness and also add to the fun component of the run.  The bigger the better, right? Team Rainbow Racers was formed and before I could blink we had 20 people running on the team. 

Dubbed "The Happiest 5K On The Planet" the Color Run lived up to it's name! We had an absolute blast getting colored up every kilometer along the downtown streets.  The party at the end was my favorite part.  The music was blaring, the color was flying and everyone was dancing and having a great time!

I also got to witness a few of my friends and family members run their first 5k. So exciting! This was only #2 for me and it proved once again that I've been bitten HARD by the race/run bug.   These events are so fun. The camaraderie and energy that flows through thousands of people working on their fitness, while having fun is enough to make a fan out of me! I LOVE IT!

Here are the pictures from the big day...Oh what fun we had! Can you tell?

 Two Thumbs up for The Color Run and if you have an opportunity to run it, DO IT! You won't regret it one bit!

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