Monday, October 15, 2012

It's Never Too Late...

A week ago I went to the lake for the weekend to spend some (much needed) time with my high school girlfriends. We do this annually, in the Fall while the weather is a little cool and we can just sit around a fire and enjoy each other's company.  Before I left for the weekend, a best friend stayed with me and we were looking through old Girls Weekend photos and came across the pack from our first year back in 2009.  As we were flipping through each photo we came to a few that had me in them.  Surprisingly.  Because back in 2009, I was a year post-baby and hid as best as I could from the camera lens.  These pictures made me GASP.  Even though the numbers on the scale say what they do, and my confidence is through the roof, I still have a hard time grasping the fact that I've lost a lot of weight. Shoot, I've even done it a few times now! ;) Put a photo comparison together and it's like I finally understand the scope of what I've accomplished.  

Back in 2009, I was obese.  I was my highest weight EVER.  230 pounds (as logged by my scale, but really the HIGHEST point was around the 245/250 mark). I really didn't like myself much back then.  Not because of the extra weight, but because I didn't have that deep FIRE of LOVE for MYSELF.  I was miserable, to put it lightly.  I still remember all of my girlfriends going out for a run during that Girls Weekend in 2009 and I remained on the couch and sulked.  Why couldn't I be fit, healthy, motivated to run and LOVE myself like they all did?? WHY?? I went home from that weekend and decided to make a change.  I was at my Tipping Point and have the blog post to prove it. I joined a Facebook Challenge group and decided that if I was ever going to have another baby, I needed to do something to get myself healthy.  I lost the weight, got pregnant and then in some respects felt like I was starting over again after putting on another set of baby pounds. However, that Tipping Point was really it for me.  I haven't seen 230 pounds on a scale since that day in November 2009 and I don't have any intention of EVER seeing it again. 

Now, the thing about being obese is that you feel helpless.  The road ahead seems daunting.  I knew it was going to take a lot of work and for a long time I wasn't prepared to really make this a lifestyle. That day back in 2009 was the fork in the road and I haven't gone back.  I committed to changing my life no matter how far gone I felt I was at that time.  I am the only one in charge of my own destiny in this life and it was up to me to start making small changes to get myself back on the road I knew I deserved.  If you are overweight or struggling with your weight, I have compassion for you. I know what you are feeling. The road seems long: the goal, unattainable.  Commit to yourself and start making small changes.  There is a quote that says something like "The hardest lift is your butt off the couch." Yes, it is.  You will even hit a bump (or 100!) along the way, but when you commit to making a better life, you are guaranteed success. 

Here I sit, 3 short years later and I feel (and look!) like a whole new person.  I feel strong when I climb a set of stairs or lift a heavy box over my head to stack in my storage room at work.  I can run 3 miles without heaving and I know what foods my body likes to be fueled with now.  I have confidence and walk with a swagger I didn't have back in 2009.  Best of all, I love what I see when I look in the mirror.  A happy, Mom of 2 that loves the person she is inside and out.  I have fallen, I have failed and succeeded but when I decided to change my life, everything changed for the better.

There is no gift better than the one I have given myself: the gift of a healthy body, mind and spirit. ♥ For that, I am eternally grateful.


Megan said...

Awesome example of what you can accomplish when you set a goal and stick to it! So proud of you Em! You are inspiring!

Megan said...

Seriously, amazing! You are a beautiful example of all you can accomplish when you set your mind, and body, to a goal. You are an inspiration!

Susan said...

I so needed to read this today! Thank you so much for sharing! : )